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The Athletes Mental Training Methods In Sales Work II

Jan 21st 2015

Flow mode can also be described as an optimal experience of happiness, which is needed to increase the learning ability. Many of us have experiences of getting good ideas and creating solutions in relaxation mode, eg. in the morning upon waking or by watching the cloud passing by in the sky. This way we have produced new ideas and information. Relaxation is also described as increased concentration mode corresponding to the object mindfulness mode. Strong awareness and increased self-management are results of relaxed mode. We can also activate the imagination and images in our mind into strong use with help of relaxation ability.

Our stressed bodies are in physical exertion due to different muscle tensions. Relaxation helps muscles to recover and get back to rest with help of increasing peripheral blood, expanding blood vessels and heart pumping blood with lower pressure. Our muscles get more oxygen and nutrients.

With mental training  or mental exercises we seek possibility to get good images with help of relaxation. We can enliven and enrich the image as relaxed and focused so that they operate in the best possible way for us in selling situations. Making images in our mind can be divided into spontaneous image making or free visioning, will under visioning for achieving a specific goal, movie or a picture visioning in which we are personally involved and empathetic visioning when training the flow of sales process. The power of visioning can be strengthen by combining the best possible imaginable feelings in it. Triggers or anchors can do this. Connecting triggers the feeling of desired performance or state of mind in sales situation and right course of action, which have been visualized in the past. Athletes know from experience that the same nerve units are activated during the visualization as in a real physical performance.

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The Athletes Mental Training Methods In Sales Work I

Jan 20th 2015

Relaxation, awareness exercises by developing mindfulness skills, mental training, suggestions, magical thinking and mascots are typical mental training and coaching methods in sports. Every human being can achieve useful skills and things for themselves in different areas of life with sufficiently good and regular relaxation. Relaxation exercises work best if you focus to only one or two things at the same time. The sellers can think themselves each moment the most important goal.

Creativity, learning ability, clear thinking and problem solving skills are developing better in more relaxed state of mind than a person normally has. This happens because during the meditation the electrical frequency decreases in to alpha level in our brain. At the same time the cognitive left side and emotional right side of our brain are facing and hemispheres connect more efficiency.  This is called flow mode, where we feel safety and pleasure too. This flow mode makes us also more susceptible to suggestions. We can try to get in to flow mode with mindfulness exercises, which aim to vigilance and concentration and with relaxation.

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Mental Training From Sports To Sales II


Mental training in sales can be described as follows:

  1.  In the sales situation confounding factors are eliminated, because of thinking about the sales process consciously in sales situation may interfere sales performance in a critical way.
  2. Conscious thinking is preferably done during the preparations, which links the awareness to the upper level of the content in consciousness, in to standby mode. This way the seller is acting according to optimal sales process well-practiced and flexible way even in challenging sales situations and negotiations. The preparation or the concentration does not bind the capital of brain anymore in sales situations.
  3. The mental training is applied to each seller and the company’s needs by analysing the initial situation and the needs. In particular, may be considered the different needs of the individual and team performances.

While each sales professional is an individual and will experience victory and success in their own way, we can see the suitable mental training methods for all sellers as well as in athletics to athletes. The factors of free energy flow are:

  1. Mental tension has to be optimal, and the central nervous system must be suitably activated, for example, in taking bearings for customers’ movements.
  2. The seller must have a performance centred competitive mind or desire to win the deal home despite of obstacles, objections and other resistance.
  3. The seller must have a little bit fear of performance in order to achieve the sensitivity of the situation.
  4. The Seller shall have the enthusiasm and certain relaxation and will to try, to win and to do their best.
  5.  Good concentration and hearing the client instead of just listening them, is essential for the success.
  6. The Seller should have a good and healthy self-confidence.
  7. The Seller should have both the positive feeling of success and a sense of security, in which creation the sales management and supervisor are as key factors.
  8. Seller should feel that they are mentally and physically fit.

All these factors can be influenced by seller themselves by learning to use mental training by themselves.

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perjantai 16. tammikuuta 2015

Mental Training From Sports To Sales I

Jan 16th 2015

The athlete’s mental training and coaching means basically developing mental abilities. Its goal is to get synergy by combining the athlete’s desire or will and ability or competence. In the same way the sellers desire to do deals for best possible results and developing the sales skills provide a positive interaction. In the best case the will and the competence together can create victory in sales competition or a deal with customer despite of competitors offers. Will and capacity interaction can create a free energy state in the brain which is called as a flow-state. In this mode or state the athlete’s or seller’s behaviour is optimal in each situation, and it contributes to the achievement of good results and success in the desired manner. This flow state can be created and affected with the help of sales management and in addition to the seller just by him-/herself. Similarly, sports training may influence in an individual athlete’s free energy flow state. With training in sports and in sales can be determined individual’s possible frustrations and fears, and to develop individual training and couching programs for overcome frustrations and fears with confidence and certainty. Seller will learn to manage themselves and their own development by preparing to meet clients feeling mentally and physically good. This way the seller is mentally in optimal arousal state of mind in sales meetings. The seller can imagine their performance beforehand and by going through their performance several times in mind they start to trust in their success. Seller can also concentrate in to the sales situations with the help of mindfulness exercises. They can forget the distractions like competitors, colleagues, possible poor economical situation in the world and possible problems at work and inside the company. Sellers do the necessary tasks to get the deal in state of free energy flow in mind. They are able to let it go on the right moment. In the end the sellers are able to assess their performances by going it through and thinking about what happened before meeting the customer, during the meeting and after it. This results a positive twist. In the case seller can internalize this kind of mental training like athletes do, they can act in free energy flow state of mind in customer service situations, which is generating them success.  

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